there is always a start by Yin Xiong

while trying to pack up my 4 years in nyc to a new city (believe me, packing is not easy..)

i decided to take a break and share some of my coffee adventures


as many of my friends know, i love everything about matcha, green tea. so when i found out chalait, i went there right way! the place is located in downtown which is very convenient for me as my school is in lincoln center area, i just take 1 train to christopher street and it's right about the exit! the space is bright and white (my kinda of place!) i always order their matcha latte and cortado. their avocado toast is also worth a try!


there are a few toby's estate in nyc but i mostly go to the one on charles street, only two minutes from chalait. again, it's more convenient for me but mostly the place has huge windows!! i just enjoying writing and reading something there especially when there is sunlight!!

- more to come...