recent thoughts and pictures by Yin Xiong

april - a "brahms" month for me

performed his g minor piano quartet, c major piano trio and some of his lieders.

have been reading some of his letters, listening to his piano works, symphonies, chamber music etc., his music explores deep emotional depths, so much passion, so much restraint; but all inward.

perhaps i am just too attached to his music, i wasn't able to deal with my own emotions well lately.

i rarely want things, to be honest. i am always going with the flow. i do the best i can and accept whatever the result is. however, this time when i really wanted something and for sure i thought i will be able to have it (rarely have this kind of feeling either) but in the end didn't, i just didn't know what to can i be upset over something i never had?! 

penelope fitzgerald in one of her books says: there shouldn't be any expectations, then you are relying to much on the future.

so stay present.

i am much better now.

guess sometimes it's okay to just take a break, be sad about things that don't go well, find a way to recover and move on.

okay no whining.. here are some pictures that i took few weeks ago, spent a saturday morning in the missouri botanical garden. enjoy!

to be continued..