kneisel hall chamber music festival / by Yin Xiong

arrived in blue hill, maine 10 days ago, where i will spend 7 weeks here attend the kneisel hall. it is a two-session program for the intensive study of the chamber music repertoire. there are total 51 young artists (21 violins, 9 violas, 14 cellos and 7 pianists). the next day after i arrived, i had a few minutes audition for the entire faculty. the following day the faculty meet to assign the pieces, each young artist gets to play two pieces per session, each session has 27 groups (piano trios, quartets and quintets, and string trios, quartets and sextets). 

concert hall

concert hall

after the groups are set, the faculty choose which pieces they wish to coach. each group has two one-hour coachings a week. mornings are for rehearsals, young artists have five 1.5 hour rehearsals a week; faculty rehearse for their concerts. afternoons are for coachings are individual lessons.

this is my second summer here, i came the summer of 2013. i am amazed by how time flies but some things don't change at all. 

places look the same and we're the only difference

music making never change. 

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