about me


hello! i am yin. i am a cellist! i was born and raised in shanghai, lived in hong kong by myself for 8 years before came to the states. coming and living in the states is something i would never expected. however, life doesn't always lead you to the way you planned. 

i first went to oberlin, spent two years attended the oberlin conservatory. then moved to new york for the juilliard school. recently just graduated! now i am a cellist with the st. louis symphony!

i used to think cello is my everything. however, i gradually find myself into a lot of things! yes, music is still indispensable, but it's not the only thing in my life.

besides performing, i mainly enjoy traveling, exploring new coffee places, taking pictures and practicing yoga!

this website is not just a space about me as a cellist. it is a space where i share the things i love and my random thoughts on daily life. since english isn't my first language, apologies for not writing clearly and more understandable!

everyone has their own stories and their own very special memories. sometimes it is hard to tell, it is hard to transform them into real words ( maybe just to me..!). i am not a musician who is good at following the trend; i am also not a musician who has power to have impact on people. i just wish the music that i play can recall some of your best memories. i also hope you enjoy this space with your own colorful dreams!

all pictures on the website are taken by me unless noted


everything happens for the best, live in the moment.